Bunny Ears Soothing Blanket - Assorted Patterns


Security blankets are widely loved by babies and parents alike as they provide little ones with comfort and security, prevent sleep-less nights for and remove the stress from outings. 
The security blanket or ‘blankie’ will become part of your child’s world as they form a strong bond with their personal source of comfort.  This attachment comes with a sense of security, anxiety-relief and all-round emotional content that aids with sleep and unfamiliar situations.  Once the blanket is in their hands they have a sense of comfort or familiarity of homely smells and a soft feeling against their face when they clutch the blanket closely.

Security blankets are often introduced to babies who are around three months old so that they form an emotional attachment to something other than their parents and to promote self-soothing.

Consider keeping an extra identical security blanket as a backup as children tend to keep their blanket into their early years and loss of their most personal item could be overwhelming.

Product information:
Cotton material
20cm x 30cm size (centre rectangle)

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